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U.N. Project to Include Elton

Tuesday 29 March 2005 @ 23:14 - GMT

Normally, Patrick Amory is a journalist in his native France. But he has now picked up the camera to help Visions of The Third Millennium, according to the March 27, 2005 Times magazine.

This is a U.N.-backed concept, promoting peace and respect for human rights among young people.

For the first part, Patrick is photographing sporting teams. Then he'll move on to entertainers such as Sean Penn and Elton.

As of press time, the plan was to show the pictures worldwide before auctioning them off in New York City.

{Some years ago, Elton was asked to become the U.N.'s honorary ambassador of peace. While he declined, due to lack of time, it appears that he is now--in matter of speaking--helping out.}