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Publication Lists Top 50 Splurges

Thursday 17 November 2005 @ 16:46 - GMT

Blender magazine has come up with a list of the 50 Dumbest Rock Star Extravagances.

Coming in at number one was Elvis Presley, telling two Colorado policemen at Graceland about a peanut butter, jelly and bacon sandwich he once ate in Denver -- and then flying all of them over to get one.

Others on the list include Bono, demanding his forgotten hat be flown first class from London to Italy; Elton for blowing $419,000 in one year on flowers; John Lennon who once booked all of first class on a plane for nearly $13,000 so his son Sean could set up his train set, and Sting, who once spent nearly $12,000 on a Christmas tree.

In addition, John Mayer has admitted paying $1,700 for a Star Wars figure, while Britney Spears paid $3,000 for a pair of custom hair scissors.