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Elton John World News: Bernie Makes Them Ageless

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EJ Lyricist Contributes to New Country Album

Wednesday 7 December 2005 @ 17:11 - GMT

John Corbett is probably best known for appearing on TV's Sex And The City and in the film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

But he has now recorded a self-titled cd in Nashville. His girlfriend, actress Bo Derek, helped choose the twelve songs, while Black Crowe drummer Steve Gorman contributed to the music.

In addition, John asked his neighbour if he had any tunes ''in a shoe box no one ever recorded.'' He was half-joking, so was stunned when Bernie Taupin handed him five or six, including one co-written with Rob Thomas.

So in addition to writers like Hal Ketchum and Tim Nichols, John Corbett features one of Bernie's compositions. It will be released on April 4, 2006, on the artist's own imprint, Fun Bone Records.