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Elton John World News: Tantrum And Tiara

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Blair And Reid Discuss New Partnership

Thursday 22 December 2005 @ 19:58 - GMT

Prime Minister Tony Blair wished Elton and David Furnish--as well as others exercising their rights under Britain's new civil partnerships law--all the best.

He believes it is a ''modern, progressive step for the country'' and is ''proud that we did it.''

More words of support were offered from Elton's former love and manager, John Reid.

He insists the union will be a success - because the filmmaker ''doesn't tolerate'' his partner's mood swings.

John, who met Elton in 1970 and lived with him for five years as his first gay partner, is convinced he has found a soulmate in the 43-year-old because he is a strong independent character who can be the Rocket Man's equal.

He says, "I have seen him (Elton) nervous walking into a room with six people. David has helped him overcome that.

"They fit perfectly together and they will have a blast being married.

"But it can be tricky. Having seen them together I know David is good for Elton because he doesn't put up with the tantrums - he gives as good as he gets - and he is professionally independent."