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Elton John World News: Elton's Wellington Visit

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Thursday 7 December 2006 @ 16:48 - GMT

Elton has flown out of New Zealand after a whirlwind visit for a single concert in Wellington on Wednesday night.

More than 34,000 people packed Westpac Stadium to see him do Captain & The Kid cuts as well as classic like Funeral For a Friend, I'm Still Standing, Candle in The Wind, Philadelpha Freedom, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me and Your Song.

Despite the large crowds, police said it was a trouble-free show.  

A Whitby courier, who paid just over $11,000 on a Trade Me auction for a face to face meeting with the legend, said meeting Sir Elton was a dream come true.

Daniel McGruddy reported that when he walked into the room it was like being in the presence of God.

He added that he shook the songwriter's hand and thanked him for what his music has meant to him personally and to the world.

And the New Zealand concert was memorable for Elton, too.

He told fans that it was great to return to the region after 22 years, and that he hopes to return.

He left with souvenirs such as a figurine of himself, produced by Weta Workshops, some books about Wellington and a selection of New Zealand music.

Although the star didn't have time for a proper sit-down dinner, caterer Ruth Pretty provided plenty of cherries, strawberries, raspberries, lamb cutlets and New Zealand cheeses to choose from.

And the dressing room was furnished for him by Parker Ferguson. Besides leather couches, rugs, lamps and coffee tables, there were pieces by Hoglund Glass: Elton also happens to own some of the husband-and-wife team's art.

What's more, the furnishings used by Elton and his crew are going on display tomorrow at Parker Ferguson's Thornton Quay store because they'll be auctioned off for Wellington Free Ambulance: Bids end on December 10.