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Elton John World News: A-List Manager/Broker Meets a Violent End

A-List Manager/Broker Meets a Violent End-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday 1 November 2007 @ 15:05 - GMT

A woman whose friends included Elton, has been beaten to death.

Linda Stein, who died in her New York City apartment, had co-managed  the Ramones. Later she became a real estate broker, assisting names like Angelina Jolie and Billy Joel.

The 62-year-old's body was found by her daughter Mandy (whose godfather is Elton) found her body Tuesday night. Police said there were no signs of a break-in or robbery.

Linda, who had been living with cancer for many years, was the ex-wife of Seymour Stein, former president of Sire Records.

A former teacher, she managed the Ramones with Danny Fields during the band's prime. She is credited with bringing the Ramones to England for their infamous July 4, 1976, show, often cited as the start of the punk movement in Britain.

Fields said Stein had the right temperament for the rough and raunchy world of punk.

She was very tough, but very loving and generous, he said, adding that friends and family were stunned to learn she was a victim of violence.

It was enough dealing with her death, he said. Now it's a murder.

Elton agreed, saying he was absolutely shocked and upset by her death.

Below is a photo of Linda, taken last year.

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