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Elton John World News: Ice Ice Baby

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Talking to a Man Whose Art Has Graced Elton's Home

Friday 18 January 2008 @ 15:36 - GMT

Hamilton Ice Sculptors was formed about 30 years ago when Duncan gave up his job as a chef to become a full-time ice sculptor.


He had assisted in prestigious London restaurants at the Dorchester, the Mirabelle and the Caprice, cooking for the likes of Frank Sinatra and John Wayne.


His company still deals with celebrities.


His son, Jamie Hamilton, who works with him, tells Eltonjohnworld.com they have been working with the former Reg Dwight ''on and off for many years--perhaps 25--and have sculpted all sorts of things including at the White Tie and Tiara Ball the summer before last. ''


Jamie says:


''I remember particularly as a child, seeing a new sports car tied up in a ribbon outside his house when we set up a sculpture for his birthday. That must have been at least 20 years ago.''


On that occasion Duncan Hamilton had sculpted an angel fish swimming through reeds.


Other famous clients have included Clint Eastwood, the British Royal Family, Justin Timberlake and the Spice Girls.


Looking ahead, Jamie states:


''At the moment we are planning a really exciting arts project where we will build an ice and snow arena in the Arctic Circle for the world premiere of a new classical composition by American composer Rhett Brewer. It's called In Expectation of the Thaw, and it's going to be amazing!''
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