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New Book Recalls Early Days of Some Top Acts

Tuesday 15 January 2008 @ 15:51 - GMT


Above is the cover of an upcoming book about an establishment in Eastleigh, which has been previously mentioned by this Web site.

Last year, the Concorde Club, which has played host to legends like Elton (when he was in Bluesology), Rod Stewart, Robert Plant and Eric Clapton, had to be evacuated when flames broke out in a kitchen and spread to the roof.

Happily, the  fire was small and did not disrupt operations a great deal, according to founder and Managing Director Cole Mathieson.

Cole, who has played drums in a number of local bands, tells EJW that his book will be released in the late spring, and that the provisional title is The Concorde Club - The First 50 Years.

Although the Hampshire jazz and entertainment establishment shares the same moniker as the plane favoured by the jet set, it was actually named after an album put out by the Modern Jazz Quartet around 1955.

Some proceeds from the book will benefit the Wessex Cancer Trust.

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