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Today is Davey Johnstone's Birthday

Wednesday 6 May 2009 @ 16:21 - GMT

Davey Johnstone was just seven when he first picked up a violin. Then on his 11th birthday, his sister presented him with the instrument he is most associated with, a guitar.

Davey started out as an acoustic/folk session player. Then in 1970, producer Gus Dudgeon asked him to play on Bernie Taupin's self-titled 1970 solo album, which resulted in a meeting with Elton and playing on his 1971 classic Madman Across The Water. The guitarist and pianist hit it off, and he soon became a member of Elton's band.

Davey, who has also worked with Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf and Stevie Nicks (to offer but a few examples), was born on this date in 1951 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

So EJW is extending warm wishes for a very happy birthday.