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One of Elton's Opening Acts Sits Down With UK Paper

Friday 30 October 2009 @ 16:06 - GMT

Teddy Thompson, who has been opening for many of Elton's shows lately, spoke with The Star about his career and  the Rocket Man.

Being the son of Richard and Linda Thompson, it is not surprising, given such parental heritage, that Teddy was drawn to music.

''I certainly wasn't prodigiously musical, though. For me it had lots to do with the environment I grew up in, feeling like it was a possibility having musical interests and having musician parents.

''You think to yourself: 'That's a real job, I could do that.'

''There's probably plenty of kids with a lot more natural talent than I ever did who grow up with parents who want them to be doctors or lawyers and don't see music as a viable career and they don't follow it through. I made the most of what I had.

''My parents divorced when I was young so I was very much left to my own devices and played the guitar in my bedroom.

''I never played in front of my parents or with them until I was grown up and my dad took me on the road and I did some work with my mum.''

Teddy also spoke about being asked to support Elton.

This came about after the older entertainer revealed he was a fan.

''We met around Christmas time and he's such a music lover I was really taken aback by how interested he is in other performers.

''It seems to me in the brief couple of shows I've done, and hanging out with him, he basically spends all his time thinking of ways to help other people, which is pretty amazing.

''He's always thinking: 'What project can I do now let's get what's-his-face in, I always liked him.'

''I suppose it's like 'I've got everything I need, I've had all the big hits, what am I going to do with all my power and money now?' ''

Teddy says he ran into Elton at a shop, and he said he was ''such a fan.''

He adds:

''I thought he was just being nice but he knew lots of the songs and wasn't just talking out of his arse.''

Teddy's most recent album, his third, is called A Piece Of What You Need.

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