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Elton John World News: Elton's Partner Offers Thoughts on ''X Factor'' And ''Glee''

Elton's Partner Offers Thoughts on ''X Factor'' And ''Glee''-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday 9 December 2010 @ 17:09 - GMT

The Rocket Man's partner said they didn't watch the X Factor's recent tribute to Elton.

He explained to the Mirror that they were in L.A. at the time, but added: Maybe well call a DVD in.

Pals who watched the show told them about it afterwards. David said: The main thing they said was they didnt realise how hard it is to sing Eltons songs. I guess its much easier if you write and perform the songs yourself.

But David Furnish said its unlikely Elton would sing a duet in the final. He said: His schedule is very busy.

He denied Elton had any bad blood with Simon Cowell, but added: He just thinks its important for an artist not to rely on another to write songs for them.

Speaking at the 20th anniversary celebrations of trendy jewellery brand Tateossian, the filmmaker mentioned there have been talks about an Elton episode of Glee.

He said: We are absolutely massive fans. Wed love for it to happen.