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Elton John World News: An Update on One of Elton's Recording And Touring Partners

An Update on One of Elton's Recording And Touring Partners-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday 12 April 2011 @ 16:48 - GMT

  • Los Angles, CA - May 3rd
  • Chico, CA - May 4th
  • Visalia, CA - May 7th
  • Crystal Bay, NV - May 8th
  • Flagstaff, AZ - May 10th
  • Millville, NJ - June 18th
  • Pittsburgh, PA - June 19th
  • London, England - June 27th
  • Glasgow, Scotland - July 1st
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - July 3rd
  • Boise, ID - Aug. 31st
  • Eugene, OR - Sept. 1st
  • Sparks, NV - Oct. 1st
  • Philadelphia, PA - Nov. 16th
  • Englewood, NJ - Nov. 17th
  • Uncasville, CT - Nov. 18th
  • Homer, NY - Nov. 19th

Above are new tour dates Leon Russell has added to his itinerary.

Before this, though, he has a number of other concerts planned, including Auckland's Powerstation on April 21.

He recently spoke with the New Zealand Herald about his career, revealing that he originally went to Los Angeles because he thought he would get involved in advertising.

"I liked the comic radio ads Stan Freberg did so that's what took me there. Then I discovered what a bloody business it was and discovered session work by accident."

Russell was the pianist in Phil Spector's famous Wrecking Crew, did sessions for the Beach Boys ("dictated by Brian Wilson"), Frank Sinatra ("the thing I remember the most, there were an incredible number of policemen around") and numerous pop acts.

His breakthrough came when Joe Cocker turned his Delta Lady into a hit.

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