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Elton John World News: Elton is Expected to Appear on Gaga's Next Record

Elton is Expected to Appear on Gaga's Next Record-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday 21 November 2011 @ 16:03 - GMT

Lady Gaga is planning a new duet with Sir Elton.

Gaga, who is godmother to the singer's son, Zachary, has convinced Elton to collaborate after impressing him with a track she wrote for her upcoming album.

She told talk show host Alan Carr, "I haven't really duetted with anyone and my next duet, I believe, will be with Elton. I'm already working on my next album and I played him a song that I wrote and he really loved it. I don't want to give anything else away!"

The stars first teamed up for a live performance at the Grammy Awards last year.