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Elton John World News: EXCLUSIVE: Reflections From One of Elton's Former Backup Singers

EXCLUSIVE: Reflections From One of Elton's Former Backup Singers -- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday 23 March 2012 @ 16:04 - GMT

Jon Joyce jokes that if he told Bruce Johnston how much his introductions have meant to his career, ''he'd want a piece of the action.''

These have included Roger Waters, with whom Joyce is now touring, and Sir Elton.

Jon met the member of the Beach Boys after sending his record label a tape. Although there was an album's worth of original songs from Jon and his brother, Randy, it was never released. But Johnston, liked what he heard and recommended the young vocalist when he heard Elton had decided to change personnel for the Rock of the Westies album and tour.

The singer tells EJW:

''Bruce thought I should be part of a three voice group. Jim Haas, Cindy Bullens and I auditioned and were hired. It was an unforgettable experience to sing live with Elton playing right there from the beginning.

''We knew we had the job when management gave us each a stack of LPs and we were told to go and learn the parts.''

Joyce says he did three tours with Elton: Rock of the Westies, a British Isles tour and East Coast excursion of the U.S. called Louder Than Concorde.

He admits it was ''a bit of a haze'' because ''cocaine was a big distraction for most in the music business and at that time, we were no exception.''

Still, Jon considers working with Elton to be a highlight of his life.

He adds:

''I haven't been in contact with Elton recently, although we did a benefit for AIDS Project/Los Angeles quite a while back. It was a concert of West Side Story songs and Elton sang I Feel Pretty.

''We both acknowledged that we survived those 'interesting' years.

''He's been such a man of integrity in the past couple of decades, making wonderful music and being a shining example of a man.''

Although the 65-year-old currently loves being part of The Wall Live, he anticipates playing the cello again.

''Cello has been a life-long avocation and chamber music is definitely something I will go back to.''

He adds that his wife, Susan, is a singer/actress who has been doing some stage work lately.

''I look forward to being a groupie with her as well.''