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Elton John World News: Sir Elton And Queen Mary

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Upcoming Lady Di Items to Raise Funds For Charity

Wednesday 9 May 2012 @ 16:00 - GMT

 A new exhibition of Princess Diana memorabilia, that will include hundreds of items from the British royal family, will open June 16 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Organisers for the Queen Mary and Pink Ribbons Crusade, a nonprofit advocate for breast cancer awareness and prevention, have teamed up to put the 9,000-square-foot gallery together.

The multimillion-dollar collection aboard the ship, titled Diana: Legacy of a Princess, will feature an elegant room which will display nine dresses or gowns worn by Diana, as well as the Candle in The Wind 1997 score, signed by Elton. Also to be shown are designer sketches and items from her wedding.

Steve Sheldon, director of entertainment events for the Queen Mary, said the vast assortment is the first of its kind.

"No venue has had the opportunity to display the exhibition" in its entirety, he remarked.

The show will also include about 2,000 objects related to the Windsor family, such as handwritten letters and  limited-edition china.

A tea room and a gift boutique will be added to complement the gallery.

Sheldon said some of the items haven't been showcased before, among them is a garden bench that Prince Charles and Princess Diana received as a wedding gift.

The gallery will also provide an in-depth look at the other major members of the royal family, particularly those who have visited or sailed on the Queen Mary. They include the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth.