Elton John World News: Big Picture as Elton wants Moore of Judy

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Arts student makes an impressionism on Elton

Thursday 10 April 2003 @ 7:58 - GMT

Keen arts fan Elton is showing an interest in the work of 18 year-old graphics' student Judy Moore.

Her work caught his eye after she persuaded him to take one of her colourful designs after a pop concert in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Ms Moore is currently studying for a national diploma in graphics at Darlington College of Technology.

"I was in the front row and knew that he always comes over to shake hands with the crowd. I love everything about him. I decided to do a portrait of him to pass to him on stage. When he came forward I just gave it to him and he said 'thanks'. I put my name and address on the back just in case."

It must have been her lucky day as when she returned to her seat the woman next to her also took an interest in her designs and happened to work for a print company in London.

Some of her Elton artwork is now being reproduced into posters and prints with the hope of it being sold at Elton John events and on the official website.

She has already received interest in her work from America and Germany, and is hoping that Elton will even sign some of her works.
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