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Royal Academy of Music presents first ever doctorate

Sunday 16 June 2002 @ 16:45 - GMT

Elton is to receive an honorary doctorate from the Royal Academy of Music in London, it was announced on June 13, 2002.

ELton will be honoured with the academic achievement at the academy's annual graduation ceremony on July 3, 2002 - the first in the institution's 180-year history.

Elton was a pupil at the Junior Academy. (See our web special School Report) Elton said of the award: "I have always regarded my training at the Royal Academy of Music as vitally important to the development of my career as a popular musician."

Professor Curtis Price, Principal of the Academy, added: "Elton John, who is one of the most gifted and influential musicians in the world today, laid the foundations of his career at the Academy. So it is entirely fitting that he should be receiving the highest honour awarded by the University of London."

Conductor Sir Colin Davis will also be honoured with a doctorate.

Ed. I was proud to receive my Univeristy of London degree at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London years ago. I remember the buzz and dignity of the event. I gather Elton will be fairly chuffed as a finch too!