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Elton John World News: UPDATE: Gus and Sheila Dudgeon killed in car accident

UPDATE: Gus and Sheila Dudgeon killed in car accident-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elton producer dead on motorway in England

Monday 22 July 2002 @ 17:52 - GMT

Elton producer and his wife, Gus and Sheila Dudgeon, were killed in their car on the M4 motorway coming home from a party in the early hours of July 21, 2002, reports to ejw.com suggest.

Gus and his wife had left a party at 4am (0300 GMT) in Newbury, Oxfordshire, and were travelling back to their Surrey home, along the M4 east towards the major circular M25 highway.UPDATEGusandSheilaDudgeonk

The accident may have happened sometime between 430am and 5am on what is still a reasonably busy road at that time of the day as holiday-makers head to nearby London Heathrow airport to catch early flights.

A lorry driver radioed police at 530am to report the accident and said the vehicle had been found upside down in the field next to the motorway. No eyewitnesses have so far come forward.

Police were not issuing further details as ejw.com went to press.

Gus had just begun multi-million-pound legal proceedings against This Record Company and against artist David Bowie. EJW.com has learned that Gus had been paid a fee of £250 for some of his Elton production work, and that he expected a royalty for lost earnings through the courts. His case will now likely lapse.

Had his case continued, it is likely other producers and artists might have taken music publishers to court to seek compensation.

Police forensic teams are expected to investigate the vehicle thoroughly.

Sheila was Gus' first wife. They had no children.

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