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Ben Folds' new album features Tiny Dancer

Wednesday 23 October 2002 @ 8:00 - GMT


Cover ImageSinger-songwriter-pianist Ben Folds who often gets compared with Elton, has gone one further - performing an Elton hit which has landed on his new album Ben Folds Live, according to an interview with CDNOW on October 22, 2002.

Elton's Tiny Dancer appears on Folds' album.

"Well, part of me wants to say, 'F*ck it, who gives a sh*t? It's a great song,'" Folds told CDNOW.

"He really had some encouraging, good stuff to say and do for me over the past year, so I thought, what the hell? I'll tip my hat to him and do it.

"I was actually going to do it at a gig that he was going to come out to, but the gig got cancelled," continued Folds.

"It was this weird scene in Australia. I thought I'd learn Tiny Dancer and dedicate it to him; he'd dedicated a song to me the night before. So I worked it up and played it, not at that many gigs, maybe six gigs. We just had a good performance of it, so we thought we'd put it on the record. Now the trick is keeping that from being the focus of the entire record."

[Ed. Quite!]

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