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Elton is dared to leave Carousel stage

Friday 18 October 2002 @ 13:23 - GMT

B.B. King and Sting performed, but it was Elton John whom the crowd adored most of all at The Carousel of Hope ball, a fundraiser gala for children with diabetes., reported NYPost.com on October 17, 2002.

The Beverly Hills audience stood up at the October 15, 2002 event, to dance and clap as Elton ripped through his set.

Elton performed Your Song.

He was called back to the piano time and time again. When it seemed Elton might be leaving the stage for good, Tony Griffin said, "Don't you dare walk off stage!" Elton didn't, and this Carousel of Hope Ball ended with an exhausted but sated room full of Elton acolytes!

Among others to attend the event were Tom Arnold, Ray Romano, Dr. Phil, Aaron Spelling and Ed McMahon came.

Proceeds netted 4 and a half million dollars.

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