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Elton John World News: Elton a gross act in Jan 2003 revenue takings

Elton a gross act in Jan 2003 revenue takings-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elton grosses $2 million from Wembley shows

Tuesday 7 January 2003 @ 7:49 - GMT

Elton John again topped the Boxscore Charts of Concert Grosses, reported Pollstar for the week endng January 12, 2003.

Elton's three sold out shows at London's Wembley Arena on December 11-13, 2002, earned $2,015,811 in gross sales.

Also in the top 10 that week were Elton's two sold out shows in Glasgow (gross sales: $1,056,186) and the sold out show in Manchester (gross sales: $1,043,783).

And in 2002, Elton and Billy were also a top-grossing act, according to Pollstar. Sir Paul McCartney and sparring rivals The Rolling Stones helped drive U.S. concert ticket sales to a record £1.3 billion.

Sir Paul, charging up to £155 a ticket, was top with £64 million gross sales.

The Rolling Stones took second place with £55 million, with some fans shelling out £220 a ticket to see them!

Cher, who said it would be her last world tour, grossed £46 million in third place.

Elton and Billy were fourth with gross sales of £40 million.

It is the fourth year in a row that gross ticket receipts have reached a record level.

"We had some very big marquee names out on tour this year," said Gary Bongiovanni from concert trade publication Pollstar.

"The acts that are at the top have got to be reaching the end of their touring life.

"Where the next generation of headlining acts is going to come from is anybody's guess."

[Quite! Ed.]