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Elton John World News: Happy Birthday Elton!

Happy Birthday Elton!-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Birthday Elton! Website is one year old tiny tot

Tuesday 25 March 2003 @ 8:00 - GMT

Happy Birthday Elton John!

According to his horoscope, "The colourful Aries and his Taurus Moon shows his love of money. Uranus [don't mispronounce that word, plaeeeese!] is shaking up his relationships all year and he'll be more unconventional than ever."

As well as our contemporary Mozart celebrating, so are we! eltonjohnworld.com - your premier news centre on all things Elton John and the sophisticated new online fan club - is one year old today!

The website was formed in 2002 to offer a fresh and exciting approach to the celebration of the music of Elton and Bernie Taupin.

We thank you for your continued support, whether financial or by simply bookmarking our website and visiting often!

We promise a year of unparalleled news coverage and many new benefits for those kind-hearted REAL Elton John fans who choose to subscribe as a Citizen.

Although EJW.com is unable to hold an event surrounding Elton's birthday, we will be holding a convention later in the year.