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Elton John World News: American Idol viewers are racist: Elton

American Idol viewers are racist: Elton-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elton blasts the talent show’s choice of talent

Wednesday 28 April 2004 @ 17:38 - GMT

Elton accused American TV viewers of being "incredibly racist" on April 27, 2004.

Elton made the remark after sitting as a guest on American Idol, the U.S. version of the British Pop Idol talent show.

His comment followed the dissent among some viewers on last week’s shock exit of black vocalist Jennifer Hudson – considered one of the top stars among those competing for a recording contract.

After hearing her and other hopefuls perform, Elton said: "The three people I was really impressed with - and they just happened to be black, young female singers – and they all seem to be landing in the bottom three. I find it incredibly racist."

The result of the viewers’ voting led show host Ryan Seacrest to remind the 20 million viewers that the series was a talent hunt, not a popularity contest. Producers at FX TV declined to comment.