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Florist Prepares For Elton's Kent Gig

Tuesday 15 June 2004 @ 0:16 - GMT

Elton won't play Hop Farm Country Park until Sunday, but he's already placed an order with a local florist, reported the Kent Messenger on June 14, 2004.

Wingham's Flowers at Ninety Seven is a small but growing business that does floral decorations for celebrities, weddings, businesses and individuals. Last year, it supplied Tiger Woods during the British Open Golf tournament in Sandwich.

Marketing officer Melanie Vargas-Putzki hopes that the pianist will be amazed by what the company does. Founder Robert McAllister, who is a fan, believes he will love it ''as long as it's big and beautiful.''

{Either way, they're not taking any chances, making sure lots of Elton's favourites--yellow roses--are included.}

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