What Elton Considers Special About The 23rd of September

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has called September 23 ''a day for celebration.'' He explains below. . . .

''Today the UK government has done a great thing – Justine Greening has just announced £1bn for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to deliver life-saving programmes. This money will help the countries, communities and people in greatest need to change the course of history. It will deliver life saving antiretroviral treatment for over 750,000 people living with HIV over the next three years. I commend the UK for this bold contribution to creating an AIDS free future.

''By allocating exactly what was needed to the Global Fund, an amount I have been urging Prime Minister Cameron to commit, the determination of the UK government to defeating these diseases is beyond doubt. It has set an ambitious goal and an excellent standard that others must follow.

''The UK and US governments have pledged their support as the two largest donors to the Fund. Now is the time for other countries to act with similar vision. If we are truly brave now, future generations need not live under the shadow of AIDS. I call on all other donors to step forward and join the global movement that will truly change lives so we can begin to see the end of these terrible diseases.”