Gary Barlow Talks About His Project With Sir Elton

Written by Chief Editor.

Gary Barlow's new album, Since I Saw You Last, includes a duet with the Rocket Man.


Of recording Face to Face with the music veteran, the 42-year-old admitted to the Daily Mirror: “I was nervous. It never feels like I’m with my best mate – it’s still Elton John.

“He’s my idol and I’m in awe of him.”

Gary added, “I’ve known him for 20 years. We speak on the phone or go out for a Chinese around three times a year, usually to gossip about people.

“But recording with him was something else. I had him for three hours in Abbey Road studios before he went off for a Watford game…

“So we had to record the song and shoot the video at the same time.

“Afterwards I sat there and thought, ‘f***, did that just happen?’ It was quite a lot to take in.”