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Elton's Latest Release is up For an Art Vinyl Award

Written by Chief Editor.

Records by Elton, Daft Punk, Paul McCartney and Edwyn Collins have been shortlisted for the Art Vinyl prize for the year's best artwork.

 Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps said the nominees spanned everything from "mass market appeal to the weird and wonderful."

The winner is decided by public vote.
Elton got the nod for his cover for The Diving Board. It features a photograph taken over a decade ago by US artist and curator Tim Barber.

Shot from behind, it depicts a man about to dive off a cliff, somewhere in British Columbia,

"It's a kind of legendary secret swimming spot where some kids had installed a diving board on the side of a cliff," Barber told the New York Times.

"When I took the picture I was thinking, 'This looks amazing.' It was just a special moment and the light was crazy that day. The air was super clear.

"It's also the photo of mine that people always think is fake - like that it's been Photoshopped, or shot on a green screen. I like that."

The 50 nominees for this year's prize will be displayed in the Art Vinyl Gallery in East London's Broadway Market, as well as Malmaison hotels in London, Liverpool, Oxford and Birmingham.

Visitors will soon be able to vote for their favourite work via the Art Vinyl Web site, with the victor announced on the third of January.

The award was created in 2005 by Art Vinyl, the London-based creator of the patented ‘Play ‘n’ Display’ frame, which enables the owner to produce their own updateable sleeve exhibits at home.