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The Cage: Taupin Talks About The Difference Between a Recording Studio and an Art Studio

Written by Chief Editor.

Billboard's Web site now has an interview with Bernie Taupin in which he mainly discusses his career as a visual artist.

A portion of it appears below:

Q: What are you working on in the studio these days?

A: Most of what I'm doing now I refer to as wall sculpture because it's really built as opposed to laid out.

 I did a show at KM Fine Art last year which was called "8." Eight pieces, some of which incorporated guitars that'd been deconstructed and charred and burnt. I used a lot of ash and other kinds of found materials within it.

These pieces that I'm doing now are a set of four called "American Guitars," which all allude to American styles of music -- but they're all interwoven with the flag also. So it's a sort of two-pronged attack on musical Americana.

Q: "In the studio" means one thing to a visual art, and a totally different thing for a musician, no?

A: Yeah, but the difference for me is I like being in one studio, I don't like being in the other. I never enjoyed recording studios! I loved the process of writing, but I never enjoyed the process of being in the studio. I always felt like a caged lion, I guess because I wasn't being able to create enough in the studio. Most of my creative input was done outside the studio, then it was taken in the studio. Whereas my studio now, I go in there and create in there.

A: So it's sort of the lion's domain instead of the cage?

In the other one I was the caged animal, in this one I'm the freed animal.