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Taupin Pays Homage to Alan Aldridge

Written by Chief Editor.

Bernie Taupin says that in 2008, he wrote the following piece for the dust jacket of Alan Aldridge's biographical retrospective:

“In the mid-seventies Alan and I were inseparable friends. It was a curious collaboration of eccentricity and dangerous curves taken at an ever-increasing speed and joyous abandon. During this time I truly felt that I was rubbing shoulders with such an enlightened and extraordinary talent it would be beneficial to my own lesser scribble. His vision was, is and always will be a cherished fragment of time. He’s a brilliant soul, bountiful creator and a man of other worlds and time. I’m thankful he allowed me access to his eyes, his beautiful vision and inspired madness. It remains with me and I benefit from it all to this day.”

The songwriter also says on his Web site that he is  saddened by Alan’s passing.

''For such a long time he was intertwined with us on a truly magical journey. Before his most endearing collaboration with us, the iconic artwork for Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy, he illustrated the cover and edited (along with Mike Dempsey) my first collection of complete lyrics The One Who Writes The Words.

''His pedigree was flawless, and his history was indelibly intertwined with the fantastical and the psychedelic. Before Alan’s airbrushes coloured the horizon, the landscape of England was decidedly black and white. If there was a Piper at the Gates of Dawn, an imp in the inkwell, and a madcap architect of Swinging London, it was most assuredly Alan Aldridge and his colourful and cosmic creations.''

Bernie also says that the artist broke the mold and pushed the envelope.

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