Floral Shop Selling Unique Souvenirs From Elton's Shows

Written by Chief Editor.

The Rocket Man and his band spent hours onstage with Vancouver Island fans this weekend at his two concerts. Backstage, they enjoyed plants supplied by Browns The Florist.
Now potted ficus and palm trees from the rocker’s dressing rooms are at the store on Fort Street. They were rented for Elton's Saturday and Sunday night engagements. Rentals cost about a third the cost of purchase. The plants range from $45 to $200.
“They let us know a few months in advance what he’d need. You could tell they’ve done this before,” revealed store manager Tammy Candela. “Lots of people have flowers on their riders but not everyone asks for plants.”
Among the list of amenities requested in Elton's rider was to have about 30 of the potted plants in three dressing rooms and “bright, colourful flowers” in his dressing room.
“We did vases of red and white roses, birds of paradise and hydrangeas. Lots of orange and purple and colour,” Candela added.