An Assortment of Elton's Noteworthy Recordings

Written by Chief Editor.

The March 23rd issue of Rolling Stone contains an article about one of Rocket Music's artists.
It includes input from Sir Elton, who says of Ed Sheeran: ''He writes melodies so simply. He reminds me of me in 1970. It was all systems go. Nothing was impossible.''
Further into the magazine are a couple of pages devoted to the pop icon. Reviews: Essential Elton John is a guide to ''his best and most overlooked albums. Among these are Elton John; Tumbleweed Connection; Rock of The Westies; Too Low For Zero; The One; Jump Up!; The Union; and Wonderful Crazy Night.
Fans will also be interested in checking out Loose Glitter: Great Moments From Elton's Less-Than-Memorable Albums. They range from Way to Blue, a 1968 demo cut for Nick Drake, to Oscar Wilde Gets Out from The Diving Board in 2013. The latter is called ''an elegiac tribute from one great English queen to another.''