Tech N9ne Hopes to Meet And Collaborate With The Rocket Man

Written by Chief Editor.

“I was totally flattered. When a musician of his magnitude walks into a record store and requests your music, that's validation for songs like ‘Who Do I Catch Now.’ When you a write a song like “Who Do I Catch Now” you already know you are supposed to catch everybody, but you don't know who is coming next.

“It’s validation you are doing it right this whole time. I've been knowing that, but when you see something of that magnitude, it makes you smile like really, ‘Who do I catch now?’”
He also said:
''I don't know what music he was looking for, but my attorney knows his manager so he's gonna get all the vinyl and the newest LPs just in case he was looking for one of those. We're gonna give him everything. So Elton John, you don't know this, but you're gonna get everything plus!

“Thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet you and talk music and talk a collab.”