''17-11-70+'' Due as Elton is Named First Record Store Day Legend

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton will reissue his personal pick for his favourite concert recording, 17-11-70, on Record Store Day on the 22nd of April.
The gig's entire performance will be available on vinyl for the first time.

The reissue, dubbed 11-17-70+, comes as the musician was anointed as the first Worldwide Record Store Day Legend to mark the annual celebration's 10th anniversary.

"Happy 10th birthday to Record Store Day," he said of the honour. "I love record stores, I can go to the record store in Las Vegas and spend three hours in there. Just the smell of it, the looking at it, the wonder of it, the memories."

In a video recorded for the event, the songwriter talked about his love of vinyl and his most recent purchase, a bootleg copy of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo which "cost a fortune." Elton also admitted that he cried when Tower Records closed, but he's heartened by the surge of vinyl sales and the support of independent record stores.

"I love vinyl so much," he said. "The tactile nature, the ritual of it, looking at the sleeve ... especially with the old albums and the liner notes - who played on them, the process of putting it on, the needle going on and the sound coming out. And it does sound better, I know it does. I've been around long enough to know, I've been in so many studios … It does sound better. So it's just the wonder of having vinyl."
This exclusive edition adds six further songs to the original tracklisting, including previously unreleased recordings of Indian Sunset, Your Song and My Father's Gun.

"It wasn't supposed to be a live album, it was a radio broadcast," noted Elton, "but it was bootlegged so much that the record company decided to put it out."

Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for Record Store Day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion.

BBC Music is an official partner of the event, and BBC Radio 6 Music will premiere a selection of the exclusive new records in the week leading up to World Record Day, culminating in a live broadcast from Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield on Friday, the 21st of April, hosted by Lauren Laverne.

BBC Radio 3's Record Review will also celebrate the initiative with a live show at Spiritland, a listening cafe just north of King's Cross in London, on the day itself.