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Star's Husband Shares Thoughts With UK Paper

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton would take part in a concert to celebrate George Michael’s life if one were to be held, David Furnish has told the Mirror.

He says the entertainer was devastated by George’s death and “loved his fellow singer and close friend dearly.” So he would want to be involved in such an event.

David also shared his own thoughts about Michael, saying: “George stood for so many great things in our society. He was so charitable.”

Meanwhile, David also has spoken about his fears after Elton fell seriously ill with a rare and potentially fatal infection.

He said those closest to Elton were “very frightened and very scared” as the musician fell “very very sick.” Elton spent two days in intensive care after picking up a rare bacterial infection in Chile. He axed gigs in the US and was only able to return to work last week.

The producer recalled: “He had terrible abdominal pains, a fever, swelling, chills, his teeth were chattering, he was sweating.”

He said their two children helped nurse Elton back to health, adding; “They didn’t know the seriousness of it obviously, but they visited him in hospital – an important part of keeping his spirits up.”