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Joel Shares Thoughts About His Former Touring Partner

Written by Chief Editor.

Billy Joel recently spoke with Rolling Stone magazine and was asked what he learned from sharing a stage with Elton.

"He's a much better piano player than I originally gave him credit for," he responded, adding, "...a lot of the nights we were together, I went, 'Holy s***, he's a good pianist.'"

"When I watch Elton, he goes into a trance...," Billy noted. "When he's offstage, he's a rock star...but I watch him onstage and he goes into a whole other sort of dimension."

When it comes to himself, though, Billy rejects the whole "rock star" thing.

"When I go home, I've got to take out the garbage . . . I clean the house. There's no glamour. I'm probably the most unglamorous rock star there is."

However, for the last four years, the pop veteran has been doing a residency at New York's Madison Square Garden . . . and, he said, there's no end in sight.

"It's the greatest gig in the world," he stated. "I don't know how long it can last. I assumed it would start to taper off at this point....But it hasn't happened.  It's still selling out."

Billy added, "I thought it would kind of dissipate. But so far there hasn't been any indication of that. When there is, then we'll probably stop."