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Elton/Pet Shop Boys Collaboration to be Reissued

Written by Chief Editor.

The Pet Shop Boys have announced Catalogue: 1985-2012, a landmark series of reissues of their Parlophone studio albums.

This definitive edition will feature each album from the duo’s Parlophone discography, remastered and accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks and demos created in the same time period as each album, as well as Pet Shop Boys own remixes of their tracks. Many are being released for the first time.

In 2002, Release, featuring Johnny Marr on guitar, entered the top ten in the UK album charts. 

The remastered edition comes with two ‘Further Listening’ albums of additional tracks, including unreleased songs like Motoring and Reunion, as well as previously-unreleased John Peel versions of A Powerful Friend and If Looks Could Kill and a previously-unreleased cover version of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Alone Again, Naturally, with Elton. Release: Further Listening: 2001-2004 also contains a cover version of Dusty Springfield's In Private, also featuring Elton.

Incidentally, in September 1997, ITV aired a special titled An Audience with Elton John, in which the Rocket Man answered questions posed by celebrities and did a number of his songs. Among them was a performance with the Pet Shop Boys. It started out with the melody of Song for Guy, which then flowed into the beginning of Believe.

A commercial VHS tape of An Audience with Elton John was released several months after its original broadcast. That was the only "official" release of this recording, although it was widely bootlegged. But now the Boys have included it with their reissue of their 1999 album Nightlife. It's called Nightlife/Further Listening: 1996-2000, and the release date is July 28.

Also coming out that day are two other 'Catalogue' albums, the aforementioned Release/Further Listening: 2001-2004 and Fundamental/Further Listening: 2005-2007.