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Company Promises ''New Honky Chateau''

Written by Chief Editor.

An American music production team with a history of building, owning, and operating recording studios in Los Angeles has formed Honky Chateau LTD Co. LLC in order to re-invent the famous Château d’Hérouville and rejuvenate its walls with 21st century technology. This project shall include a complete restoration of the exterior architecture, extensive renovations in all rooms, and the installation of world-class equipment in all studios.
A press release reads:

''In the spirit of Chateau d'Herouville, we are creating the new 'Honky Chateau.'

''Elton John coined the phrase 'Honky Chateau' and recorded the album by that name, in the original buildings in the village of Herouville, France.

''We will stream the proceedings live to the internet and record the tracks individually, so that a live recording and a studio recording is created simultaneously.''

The Web site for the project is Chateaudherouville.com.