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Elton Has Interviewed Sam Smith For Latest Issue of ''Attitude'' Magazine

Written by Chief Editor.

In a world exclusive, Sir Elton talks to Sam Smith for the October issue of Attitude magazine - Sam’s first print interview ahead of the release of his second album and new single, Too Good at Goodbyes.

A variety of topics were covered, including music, fame, and gay culture. Elton calls Sam's new disc ''personal'' and ''warm and sexy,'' but the 25-year-old admits to encountering creative struggles.

''There was a period, when making the record, that I was in a really bad place. I got dumped, which wasn't very nice. Writing music about that kind of thing is normally like therapy for me.''

Elton asks Sam about penning the theme song, Writing's on the Wall, for the James Bond film, Spectre. He says he is ''too old'' to write for Bond now, but thinks his 1985 Ice on Fire track, Shoot Down The Moon, would have been appropriate.

Smith has said watching one of Rocket Music's artists, Ed Sheeran, over the past year has been “incredible” but added it has made him “hungry” for his own success. Elton said that Sam and Ed's friendship reminded him of his own one with Rod Stewart back in the day.
He commented: “Rod and I were competitive with each other, and that’s healthy because it drives you, but we loved and supported each other, too. I think perhaps you and Ed Sheeran are the same way. You’re the new Rod and me!
“But you do both love each other, both admire each other and are going through the same thing as each other, at the same age.”
Darren Styles, the magazine's publisher, says that Smith's debut was extraordinary, both musically an in terms of reach and reaction.
He adds: ''He is a phenomenon in our community and, faced with the prospect of a global exclusive interview, we needed an interviewer of status who'd walked the same path. It could only be Elton John, who very graciously allowed us to crash his holiday home in Nice as he was as keen to hear the new songs as the rest of us.''
The October issue is out now.