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East And West Coast Galleries to Host Event With Longtime Rock Photographer

Written by Chief Editor.

“When Elton first burst through,” Neal Preston has said, “every tour he did got more and more flamboyant in terms of the show and his costumes. ‘Elton’s coming to town. What’s he going to wear this time?’ You know, that kind of thing.''

The photographer, whose career has spanned over four decades, believes he snapped one of the better examples of Elton's pageantry in what he likes to call a ''happy accident.''
He continues: ''I happened to catch Elton John just as he came out of his dressing room at the Forum in LA in 1974. I literally shot this from the hip with a 24mm lens. It looks as if he’s alone, but there were plenty of other people around; luckily, I got the framing just right.''
Neal Preston will be signing his new book at Morrison Hotel's Soho gallery in Manhattan on November 18, from 1-5 p.m. and at Morrison's Sunset Marquis gallery in Los Angeles on December 7, from 6-9 p.m.

Preston has toured with a who's who of rock, and gotten rare access to many of the artists. He’s photographed Ozzy Osbourne’s wedding, played chess with Ray Charles, and spent time in the studio with the Jackson 5.

He is now opening up his legendary archive and sharing the stories behind his images. His new book, Neal Preston: Exhilarated and Exhausted, includes lots of iconic photos and some shots that have not previously been made public.

Cameron Crowe wrote the foreword, and the subjects include Elton; the Clash; Queen;  Bruce Springsteen; Kiss; Madonna; Dr Dre; Sid Vicious; and Janis Joplin.