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On This Date, In 1974 . . .

Written by Chief Editor.

On November 28, 1974, Elton played New York's Madison Square Garden.

He was joined by John Lennon. The former Beatle's Thanksgiving night appearance came about because of a bet made with his colleague earlier that summer, when Elton supplied the piano and harmony vocal on Lennon's Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

The former Reg Dwight got his friend to promise that if the song hit Number One, he would join Elton onstage to perform it. John agreed, assuming this would never happen.

Lennon kept his part of the bargain, coming onstage towards the end of the show to join Elton and his band in Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

Their second tune was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Lennon introduced the third number as “a song by an old estranged fiancé of mine named Paul,” before launching into I Saw Her Standing There — acknowledging his former bandmate with the last song he ever played in concert.