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Legendary Figures in Music to be Special Guests at Songwriting Camp

Written by Chief Editor.

A singer and composer who is a member of the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame is inviting music fans to attend his songwriting camp. Rodney Crowell's Adventures In Song is slated for July 16-20 in Carmel, California, and boasts guest appearances by Bernie Taupin and Booker T. Jones.
Rodney says that writing songs is ''very much an exercise in adventure. Metaphorically speaking, expect our songwriting camp to be equal parts zip-lining through the trees and archaeological dig. With the cast of instructors slated for this year’s camp ready, able and willing to explore craft and offer hands on encouragement, I predict 'Adventures In Song' will be an unforgettable experience.''
Rodney will be teaching, as will Joe Henry, Lisa Loeb, Allen Shamblin and Brennen Leigh. And renowned session guitarist, Don Peake, will be on hand.
Crowell will be interviewing Bernie, and plans to look at how his lyrics shaped the way Elton wrote his music. There will also be opportunities for the participants to ask questions.
Dan Levitin, who wrote This Is Your Brain on Music, will be another guest.
Rodney adds: ''We’ll have a lot of fun outside of workshops. There will be concerts and there will be jamming. The food will be great.''
This event will be limited to just 75 people.  To register, go to