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Taupin Shares Thoughts About His Friend's Farewell Tour

Written by Chief Editor.

While Rod Stewart recently insinuated that "farewell" tours are just a scam to sell tickets, Elton's musical partner of more than 50 years says this one's completely legitimate.

Bernie Taupin admits that Elton didn't exactly ask his opinion before he announced he was retiring from the road, but it makes total sense to him.

"I mean, the guy travels so much," says the songwriter. "He's toured constantly for years, and this is a guy that goes to places that major artists never go to...That's what takes a toll on you...It wears you out."

According to Bernie, the fact that the tour will span several years is proof that there won't ever be another one. 

"Because he goes to all these places, it's gonna take two and a half, three years to cover it all," he explains. "So no, there's gonna be no coming back after this!"

Bernie also says he can't believe his buddy's stamina.

"I mean, when he's onstage...he plays for, like, two and a half three hours every night!" he marvels. "And personally, I have no idea how he does it...But it's the traveling that's hard, and that's why he's calling it a day."

While many weren't happy to hear that Elton is quitting the road, his writing partner sees a silver lining.

"He's not retiring from making records, y'know," he points out. "In fact it's probably gonna be a healthier situation for recording, because we're not gonna have to jam it in between events!"