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Young Singer Pleasantly Surprised to Attract Famous Fan

Written by Chief Editor.

She has told the story many times but Catherine McGrath retains a sense of wide-eyed wonderment every time.

“I was sitting in my room on my bed, my phone goes off and it’s Elton John,” she recalls. “Stuff like that doesn’t happen to people like me.”

Earlier this year, Elton played the country-pop singer’s track Talk of This Town on his Beats 1 radio show. “This is a great song,” he enthused, “it reminds me of early Taylor Swift. I think this girl is going to be huge.”

“I was convinced he had the wrong person,” says McGrath with a shrug. “I thought, there’s some other Catherine McGrath somewhere. Then he FaceTimed me after that, just talking to me about my songs.''

The 21-year-old adds:

"He said he couldn’t believe that this was my first album and he just loved all of the songs. He was just so nice."