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EJ Concert Helped Beckham Make Decision About Her Career

Written by Chief Editor.

Victoria Beckham says that one of her famous friends is responsible for her decision to leave her band.

The 44-year-old told Vogue Australia: "I was with Elton John this weekend and I told him, 'You're the reason why I stopped the Spice Girls.'

''I went to see him in Vegas doing the Red Piano, where David LaChapelle curated the most incredible show with him, and I remember sitting there very near to the front and looking at him singing those songs he'd sung time after time, year after year, and his passion and his enjoyment was incredible, even after all that time.

 "And a few nights later, I was on stage at Madison Square Garden with the Spice Girls and I thought, 'It's almost like a waste that I'm given this opportunity. I appreciate the time I've had with the girls, but I don't have what Elton can have after all these years.' There was nothing there, other than that my kids were in the audience and I wanted them to see Mummy doing the Spice Girls."

The interview appears in the magazine's November issue.