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Pop Icon Predicts Oscar Win For Mark Ronson

Written by Chief Editor.

Sir Elton is willing to bet that Mark Ronson will win the Oscar for Best Original Song for Shallow from A Star is Born.

The rock veteran spoke to Ronson on the latest episode of his Rocket Hour radio show.

“You’re having a bit of a run at the moment. Oh my God — considering what a career you’ve had, you couldn’t have a stronger moment than what you’re having now with the Miley record, which is fantastic, and you. And then the Gaga, which you won a Golden Globe for, ‘ Shallow,’ ” said Elton. “And I bet my house that you’re going to win the Oscar, so make room for it. I don’t want to jinx it, but I guarantee you you’re going to win an Oscar.”

Ronson was modest, maintaining that he had to get nominated first. The results came in Tuesday morning: Shallow was indeed nominated for an Academy Award.