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Ginger Baker's Peers Pay Homage

Written by Chief Editor.

Ginger Baker, the legendary Cream drummer, died on October 6 at the age of 80.

His family posted a message to fans on Twitter, stating he "passed away peacefully" at a hospital in the United Kingdom. "He was in no pain and had recently been able to see and speak to his children, close family and special friends," his daughter Nettie Baker reported.

Numerous colleagues have posted reactions online, including one of Elton's bandmates. Nigel Olsson wrote on Facebook:

''Bless Ginger Baker. He was a great drummer, and inspired me to use a sizzle cymbal (a large cymbal with rivets in it) way back in the early days. I still use one now; it's part of my sound in the studio and on stage. If you listen to songs like 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight,' you’ll hear it at the intro of that and other ballads too.
Thank you, Ginger.
Love and Peace,

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward tweeted that Ginger was a ''rule breaker'' who would 'live forever.''

Queen's Brian May wrote on Instagram about that the former member of Cream ''thrilled us all with his massively innovative drumming'' and E-Street Band guitarist called Baker ''one of the greatest drummers of all time.'' 

Kinks co-founder Dave Davies tweeted that the man was ''a unique musician'' who will be ''sorely missed.'' He also appreciated that the performer ''always had nice things to say about the Kinks.''

Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney also posted messages. The latter admired Ginger's playing and considered him to be ''a wild and lovely guy.'' Mick called his associate ''fiery but extremely talented.''

The Englishman had sufffered health problems in later years. In 2013, he announced that he suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by smoking, and chronic back pain as a result of degenerative osteoarthritis. Three years later, he underwent open-heart surgery. He also suffered a fall at his home, which forced him to cancel shows with his band Air Force 3.

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