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100 Highest Paid Celebrities

Written by Chief Editor.

While many music-makers will take a hit with cancelled shows because of COVID-19, they are currently doing well, according to Forbes.

The publication's annual list of the 'World's Highest Paid Celebrities' considers Elton to be the highest-ranked musician at #14, with earnings of $81 million over the past year. In 2019, his farewell tour grossed $212 million.
The top spots go to Kylie Jenner and Kanye West.
Other top earners include the Rolling Stones; Ed Sheeran; Tiger Woods; Tom Brady; Taylor Swift; Blake Shelton; Ryan Reynolds; Adam Sandler; Sean Combs; Sean Hannity; Jennifer Lopez; LeBron James; Howard Stern; Ryan Seacrest; Heidi Klum; Katy Perry; Phil Collins; Metallica; David Copperfield; Simon Cowell; Gordon Ramsay; Pink; Paul McCartney; Post Malone; Celine Dion; and the Eagles.
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