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Ticking: Elton Among Those Seeking Changes For Houses of Worship

Written by Chief Editor.

The Guardian reports that Elton has joined a group of gay religious leaders in calling for British churches to tackle the ''ticking timebomb'' of spiritual abuse levelled against LGBT+ individuals.

He is supporting a conference, being held today, which will see about 400 church leaders across various denominations discuss how places of worship can be made safer for those who aren't straight.
Elton said: ''The failure of many churches to welcome, accept and include LGBT+ people creates stigma, loneliness, fear and denial, causing lasting damage to their wellbeing and mental health.'' He believes churches ought to be safe and affirming.
Jayne Ozanne, a prominent figure in the Church of England and a speaker at the conference, said that following decades of disgrace over child sexual abuse, the spiritual abuse of LGBT folks was the next big scandal.
''It's a ticking timebomb. When I first spoke out, I felt I was the only voice. Now I'm one of thousands, and people are feeling more and more emboldened to tell their stories.''
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