Watford Council is Inspired by EJ Songs And Photos

Written by Chief Editor.

The Watford Council is promoting businesses by borrowing a few Elton John song titles.

Their Facebook page says that starting today, folks are being encouraged to ''Step into Watford'' and take a trip down ''Yellow Brick Road'' as Watford's ''Still Standing.''
The campaign also urges people not to let the ''Sun Go Down on Watford'' by shopping locally this year. The aim is to support businesses in the town that have had a challenging time after three periods of lockdowns and restrictions.
Further getting the message across are photographs taken from a 1978 calendar depicting shots of the star around the area, produced by the Watford Observer, one of which appears below. 
May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'MAY 1978 Sun. 7 14 21 28 Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 Tue. 2 9 16 23 30 Wed. 3 10 17 24 31 Thur. 4 11 18 25 Fri. 5 12 19 26 Sat. 6 13 20 27'
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