The North: Star's Spouse Shares News About Their Oldest Son

Written by Chief Editor.

David Furnish recently spoke about how grounded his children are. He thinks one reason is that their dad ''comes home from being Elton John,'' and he's just their father.''

He added: ''He doesn't bring that into the household. He wants to know who won the football, he wants to play a game of Uno or Snakes and Ladders.''

Now the filmmaker has shared a discovery about their oldest boy: Zachary has become obsessed with fishing.

The singer's husband told the Mirror ( ''He's done lake fishing, he's done sea fishing but he hasn't done fly fishing so we're able to get a couple of days up north (Canada) to introduce him to fly fishing which he absolutely loved.
''I love that he's embraced fly-fishing so much - there's so many distractions for kids today with phones, iPads and video games, Internet and television and everything.''
David is delighted that Zachary chose the sport himself with no influence from his parents.
''I've caught some fish off a dock when I was ten in Canada, that's the extent of my fishing experience and Elton, I don't think has even fished at all,'' he observed.